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In numerous sectors organisations require their workers to operate alone, whether occasionally or regularly. Workers are exposed to an increased risk of accidents in their working environment. By using the SafeMotion Safety Solution for Lone Workers employers can keep their lone workers safe more of the time.

Protect your

Lone Workers!

Service and Repair

To lose control over hand tools or machines is one of the most common causes for accidents at work.


People working for security firms repeatedly face dangerous situations and are exposed to aggression.


Employees of retail stores face a wide range of risks during the working day from the public, which can range, from physical assault to being vulnerable when locking up late at night.

Mobile Care

Mobile nurses or social workers are on the road every day and involved in stressful lone worker situations, as well as time pressures. They are in danger when travelling between residents and open to attack from violent patients.

Our Solution.

The Smart Watch.

SafeMotion is a smart solution to protect lone workers across industry. Our watch is always connected to a professional alarm response centre for when help is needed.


At the beginning of a shift or when entering areas of risk, lone workers can send a brief message to the alarm response centre (Amber Alert). The message can provide key details to aid the lone worker monitoring centre.

Red Alert

The red alert signals that the lone worker has pressed the red button and needs help immediately.


A Person-Down-Alarm is raised when the lone worker does not respond to a welfare check (“Are you ok?”) or is not moving for a specific amount of time. The alert will automatically be sent to the alert response centre.


The alert response centre can phone the watch at any time, while the lone worker can set up a contact list on the watch, so they can phone contacts when needed. Phone out to the watch is limited to a set period of minutes a month.


With the help of the watch, lone workers can receive and send messages to the safety officer or other people in charge or contacts, using the instant chat feature.


Working schedules or tasks can be stored in the monitoring centre. The lone workers get a notification in time, directly on the watch showing appointments and reminders to them.

How does it work?


Amber Alert

The lone worker sends a voice mail to the alert response centre in order to inform the call handling officer about entering a dangerous zone or situation. The prewarning is also called the “Amber Alert”. If a red alert is then activated, the recording provides important information about the current position and situation of the lone worker.

I am now entering the storage hall B2.

It could be an intruder. I’ll go and check it out.


Red Alert

The lone worker is stuck in a critical situation – what now? SafeMotion distinguishes two types of red alerts: manual and automatic. In such situations the lone worker is either able to trigger the alarm by them self or it is triggered automatically for them.

Manual alert: The lone worker presses the red button on the watch. After triggering the alarm, the watch starts vibrating every 10 seconds – a sign for the wearer that the alarm has been sent to the alert response centre.

Automatic Alert: The watch automatically sends a red alert to the monitoring centre if the lone worker watch is not moving for a specific amount of time or if the lone worker does not respond to questions from the watch (“Everything ok?”). In the event of an automatic alert the lone worker has not triggered the alarm themselves.


Alert Response Centre

In order to provide a rapid response, there is a professional alert response centre operating in the background. When the alert response centre receives a red alert, the operator immediately has a voice connection with the watch to analyse the situation, views the worker’s location and at the same time calls the emergency services and employer.


Analysis and Reporting

Improving the lone worker’s safety is an important part of our offering. Therefore, employers are able to analyse the general use of our lone worker watches,

  • identify dangerous zones
  • with missing or poor network coverage
  • and evaluate the number of alarm reports.

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